Metro Web Design Goes Beyond Website Design 

We Create Your Internet Presence

Successful website design requires working closely with a qualified team that can become intimately knowledgeable about your company, products, and services. You require a partner that is able to leverage several distinct disciplines (marketing, user experience design, visual design, programming, and project management) and these are very hard to find in one person, let alone someone from a foreign country.

In ALL our estimates we assume the following:

  • Estimates are based on our hourly rate.
  • Estimates include planning, design, programming, marketing setup and launch.
  • All new websites will be mobile/tablet-responsive.
  • All our websites are built in a CMS framework to empower non-technical staff to edit most content themselves.
  • Clients will provide all text content (body copy, product/ team images and existing pictures, graphics & video etc.).

In order to better help you figure out your options and potential costs, we need to identify who you are and what you need. From the list below, what describes your situation?

  1. I need a new small business website to sell a few products or to promote my services. This is my first real website.
  2. I need to improve my existing small business website to be more effective.
  3. I work for a medium-sized business in marketing or online management and we are seeking a web agency to help enhance our existing website.
  4. I am the online manager of a large business and our internal team needs help improving our website and enhancing our brand.
  5. I want to know, what are some of the other associated costs for websites?

Before we move on we want to throw a few more definitions at you: custom databases, and 3rd-party integration

Custom Database: All the websites we create use a database to hold your content so it can be displayed on your website pages. For these estimates we are assuming you need a basic database and don’t require any special customization for your requirements.

3rd-party Integrations: A “3rd-party” is any outside application or service you need to include within your website. We do include Google Analytics and some standard plug-ins in our estimates but we do not include integrating outside applications such as CRM, or other complex outside services.

We're here and ready to work for you!

Your business website is too important to leave to chance or an amateur. Your daughter or son may be very creative or even tech-savey, But were willing to bet they don't have the range and scope of experience that today's ever-changing marketplace demands. 

Metro Web Design has produced websites for individuals and small to medium sized businesses, as well as for some very large corporations. We have also produced media rich sites for movie producers, television personalities, musicians and some popular bands. On top of that, we offer a complete package of services that are able to tie your website together with your complete sales and marketing plan. 


Run your own online market place or have Metro Web Design manage your e-commerce site. We have an amazing, scalable solution that will allow you to manage a handful of products or thousands of SKUs. Your business may even benefit from having multiple stores, casting a wider e-commerce net. Multiple stores allow Internet Retailers to drive more sales with greater ease and efficiency while better serving distinct audiences. Leverage your investment of time, integrations, store settings, infrastructure and product catalog without sacrificing unique designs, capabilities, and customization. With multiple stores you'll also dominate search results, appeal to specific demographics, test market and extend your online presence or to simply grow into multiple e-commerce ventures. 


Add a BLOG to Your Website

Blogging is an essential element for your long-term business success. When you incorporate blogging into your marketing plan you’ll not only grow your personal and business reputation you’ll also experience other valuable benefits:

  1. It helps drive traffic to your website.
  2. It helps convert that traffic into leads.
  3. It helps establish authority.
  4. It drives long-term results.
  5. Blogging compounds your ROI


IMPORTANT: Adding video to you blog increases your exposure and ROI exponentially! Virtually everyone these days is streaming video on his or her mobile devices as well as on their computer. If you’re not adding video to your to your blog, your loosing ground to your competition.